Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lease terms do you have available?

We offer a 9 month lease that corresponds with the school year and a 3 month contract is available for Summer.

Do you have furnished apartments?

Our units are furnished all year.

What kind of TV and Internet Connection do you have?

DirecTV with contract. BlueRim Internet is free-upgrades are available at additional cost.

Who pays the utilities?

Cost of utilities is shared among roommates. Owner covers the first $18 of each bill. Total price depends on the usage. The suggested budget amount is $30/month.

Do you allow pets?

We don't allow pets at Carolinas, except for our Summer Citizens.  Please contact us for more information.

How close is the nearest public transportation?

Bus stops are 1 block East and West of our location.

Is there a fee to use the amenities?

Tenants are given a key that allows full use of the amenities at Riverside.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

We have free Wi-Fi for our guests and residents throughout the community. 

Where do I park?

$30/month for the school year based on first come, first served.

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